Video: Supermachine Porsche 930 Has A Dirty Little Secret

In a place far, far away from any assembly line in Detroit or steel mill in Pittsburgh, you’ll find this sexy blue sports car. Residing in the Land of the Rising Sun, this Porsche 911 Turbo (930) raises the bar for other Stuttgart-mobiles of its vintage. Instead of being powered by the turbocharged flat-six, it comes to the party with a 7-liter LS7 – straight out of a C6 Z06.

It’s built by Tomo Watanabe, the president of Supermachine, an automotive facility located in Japan. Watanabe wanted to build a unique and special Porsche; one that offends the purists, impresses the Yankees, and sets itself apart from the local GT-R’s and Supras. We would like to think that Watanabe accomplished his goals.

The engine used in this car hasn’t been modified too much; it largely benefits from a free-flowing exhaust, a low restriction, K&N air filter, a Bosch 044 fuel pump, and Black Label fuel rails – enough to produce a total of 540 HP, a bump up from the stock 505 HP. Believe it or not, Watanabe used the 930 Turbo transaxle transmission to back the torquey LS mill – a feat that it does well.

But the modifications don’t stop there – they can’t! With a swap as unique and unusual as this, this Porsche is also equipped massive Brembo brakes, Tarett Engineering 935 suspension and sway bar kit, Sachs coil-overs with Hyperco springs, and Elephant Racing quick exchange camber plates.

540 horses of LS7 power never hurt anything, least of all a Porsche.

Hiding the Brembo brakes are a set of period-correct, 16-inch 8J Fuchs wheels, wrapped in Kumho V700 rubber in the front, and a 17-inch version of the same wheel out back, covered in Hoosier 315 MM wide drag radials. You might think by now that this is just another case of somebody showing off their money and talents, just to build a show car. You would be sadly mistaken.

Watanabe has had this old-school 930 around the Fuji Speedway faster than what many experienced drivers can get their brand new 911 GT3 around that same circuit. We admit, this car may not be to your taste, but with 540 LS7-supplied horses pushing this car wherever Watanabe wants to go while outclassing its newer siblings, we can’t help but be impressed.

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