Video: This Thugged-Out ’85 Monte Carlo SS Is A Homebuilt Hero

Money talks and, well, you know the rest of that phrase. However, not all of us have tons of dough to throw at a build. That said, our bank accounts dictate what we can purchase and what we pick up at the local scrap yard. At best, a true hustler knows how to win in this game.

Although hustling ain’t a new idea, it’s also not just about slinging illegal goods for a quick profit. For some, there’s a purpose to the hustle trade. In the car game, a true hustler can turn a second-hand, ’85 G-body into pure street-gold. Not a believer? Watch the video. It’s proof hard-work can nurture Chevy’s toughest and most underrated step-child body into a bonafide street-thug.

With little in our pockets, there’s something in all of us that doesn’t really cost much, literally. If you haven’t figured it out already, we’re talking about hard work. Yeah, to a certain extent hard work can only get you so far but in the case of this homebuilt ’85 Monte Carlo SS, hard work happens to get you further than you realize. When it comes to building project cars, hustlers flourish.

Successfully built, home projects speak to the inner hot rodding spirit. It’s stories like this that help to inspire the next generation of dreamers and enthusiasts. It’s proof that the hot rodding spirit is far from dead. In fact, its alive and well…still kicking. As I’m sure you’re well aware, G-body Monte Carlo’s are great starting points for any itchy-wrencher wanting to begin a project build on a cheeseburger allowance.

Beginning with a solid, second-hand ’85 Monte Carlo SS, the owner went right to work stuffing it full of off-the-shelf components and parts. Some were new, some weren’t. Keep your eyes open and you’re bound to find great deals on slightly used parts. Case in point, the LS1 engine, 6-speed transmission, OBD2 conversion, complete drivetrain, harness, fuel system, dash and other miscellaneous parts all came out of a donor, ’99 Camaro SS.

If that’s not cause for alarm, the donor Camaro was only sporting 47,000 miles on the ticker. While the remainder of the car, including the heater, lights, wipers, cruise control and items like that were all sourced from the donor Camaro. None of the ’85 harness remains, except for the dome light circuit.

Out back sits a 8.5-inch rearend, stuffed with a street-ready set of 4.11:1 gears and an Eaton Posi unit sourced from a ’71 Chevelle. What’s more, the ’85 Monte also took advantage of the Camaro’s 12-inch rear disc brakes and even a custom, rear suspension setup. To support the wider reared, a shortened upper trailing arms set and adjustable lower arms with a set of spherical rod ends were added.

Of course, this ’85 SS is still a work in progress. It’s already a legit ride, too, which now sports the legal referee documentation making it totally street worthy. It even passes the strict California smog test. Yeah, this hustler built a certified street brawler with secondhand parts. So what’s your excuse?

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