Video: Tron Themed 5th-Gen Camaro Joins Exotics on goldRush Rally 4

The Bumblebee Camaro was a hit when it first came out, but now, the excitement for the car has just about run its course. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for other movie-themed Camaros in the industry and one such fifth-gen recently made its appearance along side numerous exotics at goldRush Rally 4 (gr4). Check out the unique Tron-themed Camaro entered under the Team Turbo Legacy name in gr4 in the video above, compliments of Camaro5.

Image: David Coyne Photography via Camaro5

Freshly built doesn't mean having been built for a few months or even a few weeks in this case. The Tron Camaro actually received its fresh engine just 3 days before leaving for gr4. Images: Josh Mac via Camaro 5 and Facebook

The car is owned by Josh Mac of San Francisco, California and the Tron theme is not the only unique feature it has. In fact, the car has plenty of power to back up its unique look according to Josh’s profile, with a freshly built (by Blu808 Engineering Performance) Mast Motorsports 418cui LS3 stroker engine complete with twin IPS GT35R turbochargers, a Callies Dragonslayer crankshaft, 12-degree 6-bolt heads, along with an Aeromotive A1000 Eliminator Stealth fuel pump and an AEM Methanol Injection system. With all these goodies, the engine cranks out nearly 800hp and over 800ft-lbs of torque.

Backing the engine is a Exedy twin disc clutch, as well as DSS 1,400hp axles and a built suspension system consisting of BC, Pfadt, and BMR components. Helping to stop this beast are Hawk HPS brake pads and drilled/slotted rotors. A custom roll cage built by Blu808, T3 front fascia ports and custom 22-inch concave mesh wheels keep the car looking fly and safe on the track.

It may not be an exotic per-say, but the Tron Camaro definitely fit right in with its supercar comrades at gr4.

Now, the Tron Camaro isn’t usually decked out in its blue digs. In fact, before it was wrapped for the gr4 event, it was bright yellow. Don’t get us wrong, we like the bright yellow Camaro look, but the blue Tron theme definitely helps the Camaro stand out, especially among all the supercars and exotics that attended gr4 this year. Check out the videos below for a complete walk-around of the car and a few highlights from gr4 (the Tron Camaro can be seen at minute mark 3:32).

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