Ford really hit the nail on the head with the Fox-body Mustang. Over two decades after the last Fox Mustang rolled off the assembly line, gearheads are still finding fun and creative ways to go fast in these lightweight pony cars. One of the most popular swaps has been to drop in GM’s excellent LSx series of engines. These swaps are so popular, in fact, that there are whole companies dedicated to the merger of Mustangs and GM motors.

Some people might cry heresy. But after watching this turbocharged, LS1-powered Fox-body Mustang run roughshod on a classic Shelby GT500 powered by a 440 stroker motor, even the most ardent Blue Oval fans will acknowledge the impressive power of the LSx/Fox-body combo.

While we are always against street racing, in this case the “street” looks more like an abandoned, rarely-traveled road in the middle of the desert. Our competitors are “Yhatzee”, a notchback Fox-body Mustang with a 383 LS1 stroker engine and a PT88 turbo running at 9 pounds of boost. That’s a lot of motor, and a lot of boost.

Not as much motor as the Windsor-based 440 stroker engine in the GT500 though. While we doubt that this is a “real” Shelby, there’s nothing fake about the 440 mill running high-octane E85 ethanol fuel and sending torque through a Powerglide 2-speed transmission. While the odds seem stacked in the Fox-body’s favor, the ol’ Shelby puts up a great fight… at least at first.

But eventually even Grandpa Mustang has to bow down to the Fox-body LSx. It just couldn’t go any other way.