Video: Twin-Turbo LMR Corvette Wins “King of the Streets”

King of the Streets is an event that is simple, yet really unlike any other. Race shops and personal owners alike gather in Texas with one common goal, to win. They come to put their 800+ horsepower cars (Many over 1000) against one another to see just who has the best-built machine for street-style roll racing. All of this is accomplished without having to set foot, or rather rubber on the street. Sound like something you’d like to be a part of? Of course it does! Unfortunately, racers and spectators alike are restricted to those on the coordinator’s VIP list.

It comes as no surprise that in this year’s final round, the T1 Race Development Nissan GT-R is pitted against Steven Fereday in an LMR built Corvette C6. These “street cars” rolled at 60mph to the start, at which point both drivers punched it and went flat out for 1500 feet until they crossed the finish line. When the dust had settled, T1 Race Development’s Nissan just didn’t have the power to take down the Late Model Racecraft Vette. Before crossing the line the Corvette managed to reach a staggering 189 MPH, with the GTR hitting 176 MPH.

Things unfolded just the way the LMR team hoped they would in the final round of the Fall 2012 KOTS.

What exactly does it take to reach such extravagant speeds in such a confined distance? Among a slew of other parts and safety equipment is some forced induction by means of twin turbos and a sizeable amount of giggle gas. From what we can gather, these mods set this particular Vette around the 1400 RWHP mark. Beating out more than 60 other cars of that caliber is no small feat. Hats off to the guys at LMR!

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