Video: Z06 Blowing the Treads Off in Gas Station Parking Lot

So, you’ve managed to jump through a million hoops to import an awesome red C6 Z06 to the Czech Republic, and your right foot has been exploiting the LS7’s capabilities a little too often. Now you find yourself with nearly bald rear tires, and a little extra time on your hands – what is a Czech to do?

Well, obviously you head on down to the GOLC Benzina Gas Station (where petrol is only 35.90 korunas a litre!) to have their service department replace those bald rear tires so you can get back to terrorizing the back roads. But, wait a second… there is still a bit of tread left on those tires! Performance enthusiast from all around the world know what that means – Its time to throw some wicked donuts.

And that is just what this Czech Z06 owner decides to do – right in the middle of the gas station parking lot. You’re probably thinking this is a pretty bad idea, since the gas pumps and stunned on-lookers are literally only a few feet away. But they have a saying in Czech that goes “Strach má velké oči”, or “Fear has big eyes”, meaning that people often will overestimate the actual danger of something because of their fear. And to prove his courage, he blows the treads off around the pumps not once…

…not twice…

…but three times!

If “drifting” his Z06 around gas pumps doesn’t prove this driver is absolutely fearless, then the fact that he’s wearing capris should. Must be a European thing…

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