It’s kind of a big deal when a single car model can make it through 60 years and arrive with its heritage largely still intact. It’s an achievement that is truly worthy of celebration. So how does GM choose to celebrate six decades of Corvette? How about taking the most powerful naturally aspirated GM engine to be produced in those 60 years, and drop it into a lightened and widened drop-top, creating what is now the baddest Corvette Convertible to ever grace the roads with its presence, and simply call it the “427 Convertible“? Sounds pretty good to us.

Our friends over at Corvette Blogger recently tipped us off to three awesome new videos from Chevrolet about the forthcoming 2013 427 Corvette Convertible Collector’s Edition. In the first video, we get Corvette Racing Driver and 24 Hours of Le Mans Winner, Tommy Milner’s opinion on the 427 Convertible, and some great eye candy of the car in action.

In the second video, titled “Windcheater”, Milner shows off the 427 Convertible’s trick aerodynamics, cornering capabilities, and to a large degree his own skill behind the wheel with a mildly dangerous stunt. And in the third and final video, titled “Carbonated”, we get more of the same great action shots of the 427 Convertible, only this time Milner informs us on the extensive use of carbon fiber throughout the car. Milner is even kind enough to demonstrate for us just how light the 427’s hood actually is. Check out the videos to see for yourself.