We Gonna Rock Down To Electric Avenue, In A Corvette?

fjnpbi3z1vhppm1uswe0Elon Musk and Corvette are rarely spoken of in the same sentence. Neither are Led Zeppelin and Kenny G, or peanut butter and garlic, but brace yourself folks, what might have previously been an unthinkable combination, is now closer to reality that ever before.

Just as Elon Musk took a Lotus sports car, ditched the gas burner, loaded it up with batteries and an electric motor and called it a Tesla, a company called Genovation is essentially nicking the same blueprint with a C7 Corvette as a starting point.

One would think the idea of a Corvette powered by something other that a gasoline engine is blasphemous, and we concur, but just barely 20 years ago, we were watching tapes in VCRs, faxing documents and talking (mostly) on landlines. The future is here folks, and an alternative propulsion ‘Vette is coming whether we like it or not. GM has even patented the names “Corvette E-Ray” and “E-Ray,” as well.

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 10.57.38 AM

And what’s not to like about 660 horsepower, 600 ft-lb of torque and a manual transmission combined with proven late model Corvette architecture?

Genovation, a Maryland-based company, has already set the top speed world record for a road-legal all-electric car earlier this year when they hit 186.8 mph, but after returning to the drawing board and improving their battery-powered Corvette, the company decided to give it another go.

The modified C6 Z06, called Genovation GXE, broke the speed record again this last summer by reaching a blistering 205.6 mph at NASA’s landing strip at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Now, Genovate has announced they’re offering a road-going version of the GXE, but this time based on a new, C7 Corvette. It will have the same 660 horespower, 600 ft-lbs of torque, a manual transmission as the original car with a top speed of over 200mph. If this is the future, we’d like to hear more.

At $750,000 dollars it won’t be cheap, but you can be sure you won’t see another one on your block with just 75 units slated for production. The engineering blueprint isn’t the only thing borrowed from Tesla. If a high voltage ‘Vette flips your switch, be prepared to plunk down $250K and get on a waiting list of nearly three years.

Change is hard and we can hear the traditionalists groaning about Zora Arkus-Duntov, protocol and history. As crazy as all this might be to accept, ain’t no way to dodge the winds of technological progress.

Speaking of change, remember the “Great Taillight Controversy” of 2014? Jeez Louise, what a fracas that was.


If  you were one of the folks that hated the C7’s tailights, you really need to check out the GXE’s extremely attractive (and rendered,) custom rear bumper cover with four round taillights, just like God and Bill Mitchell intended. Ironic that this ground breaking electric ‘Vette is wearing old school taillights.

Which begs the question, where is a bumper cover like this for existing C7 owners? Mid America Motorworks, Zip, Corvette America, and Corvette Central? Are you listening?

In the meantime, if a zero-emission, Super ‘Vette with a top speed of over 200mph turns you on, check out Genovation’s GXE.

Genovate 2

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