While doing our daily YouTube sweep, we came across this guy’s channel, which seemed to be filled with automotive videos– Camaro ZL1 videos, to be exact. He claims Camaros are in his blood, being in his family since ’69. Interested, we dug a little deeper and found out he currently owns a 2013 ZL1 and does tons of vlogs with it. His channel has almost completely revolved around this car for over a year now.

But, ever since its debut announcement, this famous YouTuber, GuitarMageddonZL1, has dreamed of owning the new 2017 Camaro ZL1. I mean, who wouldn’t, right?

…And, just a few days ago, this dream of his came true.

He placed the order and made his down payment way back in December through Mike Davenport, the number one ZL1 salesman in the country. Mike drives a 2016 2SS and compares it to the new ZL1, “The 10-speed is phenomenal; I think [the ZL1] is worth the plunge. If you want a daily driver and something to toy around on the weekends, both are really good fits.”

Of course, GuitarMageddon is completely excited about his new whip, which was delivered straight to his driveway. He was the first guy in the states to get the automatic-equipped 2017 ZL1, and his specific vehicle was one of the very first ever built in this configuration. He notes the upgraded front fascia, the “flow-tie,” the wheels, interior, and Chevy’s famous carbon flash finish on the diffuser and splitters. He says, “This car now looks, honestly, as close to a supercar as you can get without paying the supercar price.”

But, our favorite part of the video– the sound clip towards the end.