ZL1 By the Numbers – 2012 Production Stats Released

It's being reported that just 1,971 Camaro ZL1's were built in 2012. We certainly don't look at this as a bad thing - it just means that the ones already out there are just all the more rare.

It’s hard to believe, but the ZL1 is done with its first year as a production car. An insider from Chevrolet has compiled the stats on how many of the cars were built in 2012, as well as what colors and options were the most popular, and the guys over at Camaro5 have the complete break-down on the numbers.  

Doing just a quick scan of the production numbers, there are a few statistics that really stand out to us. First, far and away the most popular color for the ZL1 was black (no surprise there) with a total of 717 built in 2012. Also, the most popular transmission for the first year of the new ZL1 was the 6-Speed Manual, beating out autos 1,300 to 671, and proving that American gearheads do still like to shift their own gears…for the most part. Finally, the most rare ZL1s are the four that were painted Imperial Blue Metallic, two of which are equipped with an auto trans and two with a manual.

Considering that there were only a total of 1,971 ZL1s built during its first year, ZL1s in general are still a very rare car. Now we’re curious as to how these production numbers stack up to the GT500’s. If you’re curious as to how rare your ZL1 is, check out the full break down by color and transmission here.

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