Project C6


VaraRam’s VR-SC1 intake system – The answer is blowing in the wind

We wanted to know if the performance of an “out of the showroom” Corvette could be improved by adding one of the most common upgrades that engine builders start with: a new intake. After some research, we selected an intake from VaraRam. VaraRam’s VR-SCI Gen 2, better known as the “Snake Charmer.” Read More


Baer’s C6 Brake System Goes Xtreme

Baer Brakes offers a great-looking and big stopping "EXTREME PLUS" brake system for late model C6 that has the race car technology and performance you need when “good enough” just isn’t good enough.Read More


Big Shoes for our LS3 Corvette

We had a problem with our Corvette looking like every other single Corvette out there. So, we needed some more traction and a custom look. It as time for new shoes for our Vette. Enter Forgeline and Toyo Tires. Read More


Kooks LS3 Header Dyno Test & Install

Kooks Custom Headers offers a trick headers and X-pipe setup which would allow us to use a real 3-inch exhaust "Z06" style, but not necked down to 2.5-inches like the original Z06. They did, and this is the story. We then capped off our installation on our Corvette with a Corsa 3-inch exhaust.Read More

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2008 LS3 Corvette, an Introduction

This is the beginning of LSX TV's 2008 C6 Project. Think of this project as a C6 build written by a guy experienced in Mustangs. That being said, I think I can bring a unique perspective to the vehicle for first time prospective Corvette buyers. Read More