Project Big Chief


Pontiac G8 GXP Power Upgrade

As Pontiac sails off into the sunset, we recently had the chance to indulge ourselves with their last truly great car, the G8 GXP. We decided that even though it is a very respectable car straight from factory, some sections of the car could use some work.Read More


Nitto’s New Summer Performance Tire – The NT05

When it comes to driving styles for enthusiasts on the road, there are two main types. There are those that run skinny tires up front and ultra wide drag radials in the rear for the maximum traction in a straight line with the least resistance. Then on the flip side are those that enjoy traction through turns.Read More


Grippy G8 GXP Upgrades

The Pontiac G8 GXP was unleashed from the factory with a 6.2 liter (396 ci) LS3 Corvette engine rated at 415 horsepower and coupled to a Tremec TR-6060 manual transmission for an impressive 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds and 13 second quarter mile time. Read More