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Welcome to eliminations day here in Bradenton Florida for the 9th annual NMCA Ross Racing Pistons Muscle Car Nationals. This is the first year for the LSX Challenge here with the NMCA and we are blessed with good weather through the weekend. Stay tuned to LSXMAG for round by round coverage through the day.

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Morning Update

The sun just came up at Bradenton Motorsports Park. It looks like it's going to be another beautiful day with great weather! The track officials are out laying VHT to prep the track for the first round of eliminations.

Local racer Scott Murray brought out his CTS Caddy to compete in the LSX Rumble Index class running 11.50.

The BMR Fabrication folks are here this weekend with a display and tech support. Thy have a special stand and have their project Trilo G here so people can see underneath the car and the assorted suspension components they offer. They hurt the engine while testing on Gainsville's road course and plan to have it back together and racing at the Commerce Georgia event in April.

I stopped by Massingill's trailer this morning. The crew was changing the plugs and looking the car over. They didn't make any changes to the car as they are sitting in the number one qualifying spot. If they take the win today it will be for the third year in a row!

I spoke with Robert Strong this morning about his '87 Monte Carlo SS. He was having some trouble with the car yesterday in qualifying. It was leaving strong, pulling the wheels, but would fall on its face right after the launch. He thinks fuel was coming back up into the carb and causing it to bog. He made some adjustments to the carb to hopefully correct the problem.

LSX Rumble Eliminations Round 1

William Kurrus had a nice launch in his '07 Corvette with a LS2 440ci during round 1 of LSX Rumble.

Michael Hansen is running his '06 Trail Blazer.

Don Dixon has been really consistant launching his '06 supercharged 402ci GTO.

Ray Bulach made a nice pass in his '99 Camaro.

David Saunders out of Houston Texas pulled a little wheelie on his first round in LSX Rumble. Last night he qualified into the number 2 spot.

Staging for LSX Rumble.

James Rowlett made a solid pass in the first round of eliminations.

Keith Vaughn out of Nashville TN making racing in first round eliminations for LSX Rumble.

5th Gen Camaro LSX

Nice sounding turbo 5th gen Camaro heating the tires for the first round of eliminations.

Ronnie Hackelton from Hazen Arizona heating up the tires before round one of eliminations.

Nice looking 5th gen Camaro rolling into the burnout box.

All Motor Round One

The LSX All Motor Shootout had four racers make it for eliminations with Chris Woods putting up an 8.71 @ 156 to take out Robert Strong’s 10.84 @ 135 in his 87 Monte Carlo.

Massingill and David Lazear were up next with top qualifier Massingill logging a nice 8.41 @ 159 to get the win.

Real Street Round One

Only three entries for Real Street here in Bradenton made for a short field with Durham North Carolina’s Ted Timmerman winning his round one match with George Toll with a 12.80 @ 71 MPH over Toll’s 15.30 @ 87. Paul Falcon also hails from Durham and drove down easy on his round one single.

Final Results

Proform LSX Rumble

The LSX Rumble has twenty five cars show for round one on Sunday, a good showing for the index class here this weekend. After five rounds it would be New Jersey’s Rob Farley taking home the win with Anniversary edition Corvette taking the win over Gainesville, Florida based Derek Putnam’s 2000 Firebird.

LSX Rumble Finals

Camaro Performers 5th Gen Camaro Challenge

The 5th Gen Camaro Challenge had five cars here in Bradenton with Drag Radial racer Michael Meeks double entered in this class. He made it to the finals to meet up with Shawn Calabrese from Orlando, Florida. Drivers are class by index according to performance level with Meeks running the 13.5 J/LSX index and Calabrese in G/LSX with a 12.00 target. Calabrese got away first and ran 12.23 @ 104 to Meeks loosing effort 13.67 @ 103.

5th Gen Camaro Finals

Holley LSX Real Street

The all Durham NC final had both drivers with poor reaction times and it would be Falcon there first with a nice 8.97 @ 150 over Timmerman’s early shut down 10.07 @ 105 MPH run.

Ted Timmerman - Holley Real Street Runner Up

ERL LSX All Motor

The All Motor final had Massingill back in the 8.30’s with a clean 8.34 @ 161 over Woods 8.67 @ 157 MPH run.

Woods late on the tree and car owner Bobby Lashley vows they will be back with more power as soon as possible so they will have something for the School of Automotive Machinists backed winning entry.

JE Pistons LSX Drag Radial

The Drag Radial class had two cars make the call for eliminations, Michael Meeks nitrous assisted 98 Trans AM and Mark Carlyle’s stunning 2007 turbo charged Z06 Corvette. Meeks was leaking some fluid on the line and faced a very dissapointing DQ while Carlyle went on to his best run of the weekend with the new setup, an 8.19 @ 180 MPH.

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