LSX Shootout Same Day Coverage From Indianapolis


We are up and running the second round of qualifying for the index classes this morning. The plan is to try to stuff the entire event in today as there is weather on the horizon for tomorrow, so stay tuned to us for the rest of the day and likely into the early morning hours as we bring you all of the race information. There will be one round of qualifying today and then it will be right into eliminations until we’re all finished up.

LSX Drag Radial standout Mike Brown struggled through qualifying yesterday and is currently fourth on the ladder with a 7.86 hit. He and the Ohio Boys Racing team were hard at work this morning trying to diagnose a CO2 leak.

It looks like the late-night session went a long way towards sorting out Mark Carlyle's issues. They made a clean hit this morning and knocked off a 7.06 at 202 MPH - he told us he's looking for that six-second pass on the next hit in the first round of eliminations.

Adam Preston (near side) is looking to go all the way in the LSX Real Street class. he and his team were checking the car over between qualifying and eliminations and found no issues. He is currently qualified third entering eliminations, .039 behind Rodney Massengale and tied with Kevin Roundsavall. Roundsavall takes the second position by virtue of his higher MPH.

Greg Delaney is driving for Team Baskin this weekend in the LSX All Motor class. He told us the car is running very well and he's looking forward to eliminations. The only car qualified ahead of him is Jud Massingil's Camaro, and Delaney things he'll be in the hunt all afternoon.

Real Street Final Qualifying

Drag Radial Final Qualifying

All Motor Final Qualifying

James Rowlatt advanced to the next round in LSX Real Street when Kevin Roundsvall slowed up in round one. The MOV was .04-second.

Danny Niceley rolled on to the second round of eliminations in LSX All Motor when #3 qualifier Ron Mowen didn't make the call.


Mark Carlyle scores the first six-second LSX Drag Radial run in the semifinals.


It's a wire-to-wire win for LSX Real Street competitor Rodney Massengale. He took his '01 Z06 to the winner's circle over Ted Timmerman in the final round, 8.43 to Timmerman's 8.73.

Mike Brown took the holeshot win over Mark Carlyle, 7.19 to 7.09. in the LSX Drag Radial final round when Carlyle slept on the tree.

Jud Massingill took the wire-to-wire win in LSX All Motor this weekend. Greg Delaney redlit in the other lane, handing Massingill the win in the final round.


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