Countdown To The Carlisle GM Nationals – Are Your Registered?

In case you haven’t noticed, one of the best all-GM events in the country is fast approaching. The Carlisle GM Nationals is a truly must-attend event, and it is returning to the fairgrounds in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, June 25 through 27, 2021. The folks at Carlisle Events are planning to outdo last year’s event and deliver even more excitement this year.

To say last year was a strange year would be an understatement. However, even in the midst of the concern, the event is continuing to grow, thanks to you, the participants, and spectators alike. The folks at Carlisle Events are happy to announce some of the exciting things that will be taking place at this year’s GM extravaganza. If you are planning to show your vehicle at this year’s event?  Register today for the National Parts Depot Showfield!  If you are not showing a ride but still looking to come for the fun, you can purchase single day or full event spectator tickets online now.

The Carlisle GM Nationals is not just a car show. There are exciting events happening within the Nationals that make sure there is something for everyone to enjoy. Each featured experience mentioned below is also currently listed as a stand-alone activity on the GM Nationals web page, and we’ve linked to each so that you can get more information with one click of the mouse or tap of your screen. Without further ado, here are the coming attractions for this June’s event!


We need to let you know that time is running out to save some money when register. If you pre-register before the Gate-N-Go deadline of Monday, May 24you can save 10-percent. When you register via Gate-N-Go, The GM Nationals will send you all applicable paperwork in advance. This way, you can affix your window sticker at home, drive right onto the grounds, and immediately begin having a great time. If you miss the Gate-N-Go deadline, you can still pre-register, as it will be available until show week.

You can register online at The Carlisle Registration Store or by calling the office at (717) 243-7855.

gm nationals

The Chevrolet Vega was plagued with issues when it was released, but the Chevy faithful still love them!

Celebration Of The Vega And H-Platforms

The loose definition of a muscle car is a small car with a big engine. Chevrolet’s Vega is one of GM’s most popular compact platforms, and all fans are encouraged to join the event in June as GM Nationals celebrate the 50th birthday of the Chevrolet Vega and all its sisters in the GM H-platform! That includes not just the Vega but also the ’71 through ’77 Pontiac Astre, ’75 through ‘80 Chevy Monza, ’76 through ‘80 Pontiac Sunbird, ’75 through ’80 Buick Skyhawk, and the ’75 through ’80 Oldsmobile Starfire. We will have some great cars on the show field as well as a special display in Building T to celebrate this historic event!

Off-The-Cuff Engine Swaps

This year the GM Nationals is doing something a little different. If you want to show off your GM-powered ride but worry it might not fit the theme of the show, bring it anyway. GM Swap will be inside Building T and will include customs, racecars, daily drivers, show cars, and more. If you have an LS swap, big-block swap, Ecotech swap, small-block swap, or even a straight-six-powered anything, we want to see it.

Comic Car Con

Cars have always been recognized as the stars at all Carlisle events, and this year, the star cars come to the Carlisle GM Nationals in June. See your favorite comic, TV, and movie cars pop off the pages or out of the screen and into one of our displays in Building T at the show. We are still gathering cars for our list of cars on display. Have a unique TV, movie, or comic car and want to have it on display at the show?

gm Nationals

Got an original or famous TV or movie car? Bring it to Carlisle.

Featured Vehicle Display

Do you own or appreciate some of GM’s most influential and important cars? If so, then being a part of the Featured Vehicle Display is a must. The display is open to all makes and styles of cars that fall under the GM production umbrella. This GM Nationals display doesn’t have a specific theme, but it does have one thing in common — some of the nicest GM cars and/or trucks around. Apply today for consideration and see your car placed indoors. It’ll not only be out of the elements, but it will also be protected by stanchions and shown off to event participants!

Register for the Show Today

Car Corral And Swap Meet

The GM Nationals Swap Meet is a great place to sell the parts, accessories, automotive memorabilia, and literature that have been collecting dust in your garage. Put your parts in front of thousands of GM and Chevrolet enthusiasts and buyers. Connect with Carlisle Events today to see if you qualify for vendor discounts.

gm nationals

If you’re looking to get rid of some parts, get a swap meet booth and clean house. If you’re looking to buy that certain something, you’ll likely find it at the GM Nationals.

New and existing vendors might qualify for great discounts. Simply check with Carlisle Events to see if you qualify by calling the GM Nationals office at (717) 243-7855 or email [email protected].

Book Online to Reserve Your Space Today
More about Vending at Carlisle

National Nova Club Gathering

The GM Nationals and the folks from the National Nostalgic Nova Club have teamed up again to create a special meet within the GM Nationals Showfield. All fans of the Nova are welcome to be part of this huge Nova Showfield. Nova classes have a designated highlighted area and attendees are welcome to join in all the fun under the north portion of our pavilion. All Novas will be parked in the blue Showfield, right between the midway and the pavilion near one of the main avenues of the Fairgrounds. This offers the Novas a great place to display while still remaining a part of the main show. Registration for Nova classes is still the same as in years past, there are simply more classes to choose from! All cars are also still eligible for the same awards as in previous years.

On top of the special display cars, Novas at Carlisle will also feature several seminars geared towards Nova tech and history. The seminars are open to all attendees of the GM Nationals and will take place in the north part of the pavilion.

Register for the Showfield

NitroFest Returns

Bruce Larson returns this year to host Nitrofest! Bruce, an NHRA champion and all-around car guy, will be here to share his amazing USA-1 funny car.

Bruce’s tent will be located close to the main stage and he will be doing a series of startups for us during the Friday and Saturday show hours. An even cooler aspect of Bruce’s demonstrations will be that several lucky audience members could be chosen to sit in the cars as they are fired up. This is a rare opportunity to sit in the cockpit of an actual NHRA drag car while the driver and his team start and rev it for you!

GM Nationals

This could you behind the wheel!

Cutting Corners

The ever-popular Real Street Shootout Contest presented by UMI Performance is on the schedule. Once again, participants can sign up and compete for the chance to win several cash prizes ($300 – First, $200 – Second, and $100 – Third), as well as be crowned the Real Street Shootout Champion. The contest is free to participate in, however, it is limited to 20 cars. Participants must have a registered (and street legal) car on the GM Nationals show field, be 18 years of age or older, and have a valid license and insurance. Participants are also strongly encouraged to bring their own helmet.

*Due to safety concerns, stock height SUVs and trucks may be excluded from the contest.

gm nationals

If you like your car show with a fast-paced element, the GM Nationals has it.

There is a lot more going on, and to find out everything that you can do at this must-attend event, click here to be taken to the GM Nationals webpage and find out just how excitement-filled your GM Nationals weekend can be.

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