GM Will Restrict Z/28 Parts Supply to Prevent Clones

On the restricted list: The Z/28’s breathtakingly expensive carbon brakes

When the ZL1 Camaro was first introduced back in 2012, even before the production cars were hitting the streets, clever Camaro owners had already built look-alike “clones” using parts ordered through dealership parts counters. While spare parts have to be produced and made available for collision repair and warranty work, Chevrolet will apparently restrict sales of almost 40 different part numbers in an effort to prevent the same thing from happening to the Z/28.

Interestingly, the “wickerbill” adjustable rear spoiler doesn’t seem to be on the restricted list… user R6P reports that before dealership parts departments can order these Z/28-specific bits, they’ll have to provide vehicle and owner information, and parts replaced for warranty claims will have to be returned for analysis. The apparent intent is to preserve the rarity and value of the new “ultimate track Camaro,” and isn’t completely unprecedented in GM history.

In light of the fact that last year at SEMA, Chevy Performance was touting parts packages that allow you to do things like put ZL1 brakes on your V6 5th gen, the blanket restriction on such a wide range of parts may not be a “forever” thing, but we’re sure that collectors and speculators shelling out a fat stack of Zedongs to acquire one of the 500 first-year cars will be happy to see their investment at least temporarily protected from copycats.

Z/28 Restricted Parts List

  • 22958646 ROTOR-FRT BRK
  • 22958647 ROTOR-RR BRK
  • 22958658 CALIPER ASM-FRT BRK
  • 22958607 CALIPER ASM-FRT BRK
  • 22958637 CALIPER ASM-RR BRK
  • 22958634 CALIPER ASM-RR BRK
  • 23179350 MOLDING ASM-RKR PNL
  • 23179351 MOLDING ASM-RKR PNL
  • 23487228 SCOOP ASM-HOOD AIR
  • 23468210 EMBLEM – FRT GRILL (Flow Tie)
  • 22954889 WHEEL ASM-STRG
  • 22873225 WHEEL-FRT
  • 22873227 WHEEL-RR
  • 23179322 FLARE ASM-F/FDR
  • 23179323 FLARE ASM-F/FDR
  • 23179324 FLARE ASM-RR WHL OPG
  • 23179325 FLARE ASM-RR WHL OPG
  • 22908036 EMBLEM ASM – E/Gate
  • 22908498 EMBLEM ASM – FRT GRL
  • 22894294 SEAT ASM-FRT
  • 22894302 SEAT ASM-FRT
  • 23473010 SHAFT ASM-RR WHL DRV
  • 23473011 SHAFT ASM-RR WHL DRV
  • 23468208 GRILLE – FRT UPR
  • 22925211 PLATE – F/FDR VEH NA
  • 22972716 COVER – D/SEAT BK
  • 22972708 COVER – P/SEAT BK
  • 23104737 SPOILER – F/END
  • 22997723 FASCIA – FRT BPR
  • 22985096 FASCIA – RR BPR LWR
  • 22968219 COVER – FRT FOG LP OPG
  • 22966600 COVER – A/CL HSG
  • 23468209 PLATE – FRT GRL EMB BKG


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