Holley has recently announced the release of their LS Retro-Fit Oil Pan, intended for use in engine swaps or eRod conversions, where the factory oil pan may interfere with a cross-member, or not leave sufficient ground clearance on low-slung cars. We showed you the prototype of this pan (along with the rest of Holley’s extensive selection of LS swap hardware) in our 2010 SEMA coverage, and now it’s available to the general public.

General Motors’ LS series of engines are becoming very popular for this kind of use, due to their easy availability, power, durability and growing aftermarket.

Holley’s rear-sump design fits most GM muscle cars from 1955 through 1987, and may be usable on other, less common applications. The replacement pan provides a 5.5-quart capacity and is fabricated in cast aluminum for the best durability and sealing.

The complete kit (PN 302-1) includes sump baffle, pick-up tube, sump plug, oil filter stud & oil passage cover. You will also need to convert to an LS3 dipstick (GM p/n 12634547) and tube (GM p/n 12625031).

The replacement oil pan retains the OEM oil filter mount, but the engine position may need to be adjusted to allow for for cross member or steering linkage clearance depending on the vehicle, steering configuration and chassis type.

Most GM rear wheel drive applications that were originally equipped with a Small Block or Big Block Chevy engine and traditional rear sump oil pan will accept the Holley product without significant changes.