We love car movies. Muscle cars can take a good movie and make it even better, or take a really crappy movie and make it somewhat tolerable. (*cough*2Fast2Furious*cough) We’re hoping that this new Schwarzenegger flick featuring Chevy’s two performance heavy weights will be a case of the former rather than the latter.

Thanks to this recent post on Collider.com, we learned that the former Governator himself will be staring in a new movie titled The Last Stand. The synopsis follows a typical cop-chases-cartel-leader-with-hostage-in-tow story line, which actually sounds like it might be pretty good. But what really grabbed our attention were the cars that are reportedly going to be featured in the movie. The Bad-Guy car is said to be a “specially-outfitted Corvette ZR1”, and if the movie poster is any indication Schwarzenegger will be chasing down the bad guys in a new Camaro ZL1. Guess the 355 horsepower Caprice PPV didn’t quite have the guts to keep up with a modded ZR1, eh?

Action director Ji-woon Kim is at the helm of The Last Stand, which also features the likes of Johnny Knoxville, Eduardo Noriega, and Forest Whitaker. The movie is set to open January 18th, so look for lots of trailers between now and then. So far, it sounds like it could be a winner, but let’s just hope that the cars don’t have to carry the whole movie.