Official Trailer for “Last Stand” Shows ZL1 and ZR1 Trading Paint

Well, the first official trailers for the new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Last Stand have already started making their way around, and in them we get a few glimpses of the ZL1 and ZR1 we told you guys about a few days ago. Unfortunately, all of you in the “Hollywood Shouldn’t Destroy Nice Cars For Movies” camp, are about to be pretty disappointed. In the trailer, there is some hot and heavy paint swapping going on between Schwarzenegger’s red ZL1 and the bad guy’s ZR1, including a pretty dusty romp through a corn field that includes both cars turning ears of corn into projectiles.

We absolutely love both of these cars, and we’re extremely proud that they are part of the LSx team. That having been said, don’t get all mad at us for what we’re about to say: We don’t’ think it’s all that big of a deal that they banged up a few of them for this movie. Honestly, would you even consider going to see this movie if Arnold spent two hours babying his new supercharged Camaro around town, dodging rock chips, and letting the bad guy get away because he didn’t want to get a few scratches? People go see movies like this because they want to see crashes, gun fights, and crazy driving. If there wasn’t a market for this kind of movie, Hollywood would stop making them. The majority of the action is probably CGI anyway, and surely only a few real ZL1s and ZR1s had to be sacrificed for the name of entertainment. (Engine swaps anyone?)

Besides, lets face it – the ZL1 and the ZR1 aren’t exactly rare and priceless parts of Chevy history…yet

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