Video: “Caddy Ruckus” – D3 Turns Pro Drivers Loose with CTS-Vs

If anyone knows CTS-Vs, it’s definitely the guys at D3 Cadillac. They also know the best way to extract every ounce of grin-inducing, supercharged fun out of them – hand over the keys to some guys who really know how to drive. Tim Pak at D3 sent us over this absolutely awesome video, featuring two renowned professional drivers behind the wheel of D3 tuned V’s, fittingly titled “CADDY RUKUS.”

D3 handed over the keys to their CTS-V’s to Indy Car Driver J.R. Hildebrand, and Formula Drift Driver Tyler McQuarrie and simply let them do what they do best while the cameras rolled; cause a “ruckus.” Hildebrand, the 2011 Indy 500 Rookie of the Year, is piloting the white D3 “Legionnaire” CTS-V. The Legionnaire is the very same fire-breathing beast that D3 is currently campaigning in the Cadillac Challenge Series. It wears one of D3’s Stage II Ultrachargers that’s bolted to the top of an all-D3 427 LSX long-block that makes somewhere around 750 horsepower and 815 pound feet of torque at the rear wheels. McQuarrie’s CTS-V is mostly stock, but you can tell that it still has no problems laying down some rubber.

Pak tells us, “We’ve worked with J.R. and Tyler on a few other projects, and we just thought it would be fun to make a video like this with the GoPro’s. A lot of the video was shot on sections of the Long Beach Grand Prix Track.”

This video is great because it really captures the essence of modern-day Cadillacs, especially the CTS-V. Caddy isn’t a brand for your grandpa any more – it’s a brand for young performance enthusiasts who want a bit of sophistication to go hand-in-hand with their horsepower.

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