Wrapping your ride is the hot, new way to change its look without investing in a multi-thousand dollar paint job. Using a process once reserved for turning vehicles into rolling billboards, new base materials are expanding what can be achieved. In this instance, a chrome-look foil is being used to cover the original paint work on the Camaro SS, without affecting it.

The process is entirely reversible, so the car can be restored to its original state easily. The company responsible, Tintek, says this is the first full chrome job done in the Czech Republic. While we have seen a similar project at last year’s SEMA Show, the process used was a spray-on coating, so easy reversibility was not an option.

That particular Mustang Convertible was done up in a hot pink-tinted chrome finish in support of the American Cancer Society and was recognized with a SEMA 2010 Best of Show award.

The Czech company does offer a range of colors that includes gold, black, green, blue, orange, red and violet. You can get a full appreciation of the effect in the video below. It will not likely be long before someone in the USA can offer this material to wrap your car, so if pegging the bling meter is your thing, you may want to reconsider your mods budget for this year.