Video: Don’t Try to Run From this ProCharged Cop Car

Ever thought about running from the cops? Well, if that decision wasn’t bad enough before, then it most certainly would be now! Ok, ok we digress – this isn’t ACTUALLY a cop car… well not at the moment anyway.

The Chevrolet Caprice Police Pursuit Vehicle (or PPV for short) is a car that seemed to fly right under the radar, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Not only is the styling that of a dumbed down G8, but the modern Caprice was never released to the public and served only as a special purpose vehicle for official government activity.

All vehicles have their limited professional lifespan, though, before being replaced. After a while they fall away from the fleet and into the hands of hoons like ourselves only to realize a new fate of supercharged craziness. We’ve seen a roots style blower on one of these things before, but this car features a centrifugal blower that we would bet is a bit more efficient.

We are given a bit of a teaser with this one, as all that we see from the car are a few supercharged flybys accompanied by a healthy peel out or two. It would be sick to see what this thing lays down on the dyno or perhaps how long it takes to tackle the 1320. Seeing the look on others faces when they got passed by a supercharged police vehicle would also be a quite priceless experience. Maintaining the original look may be the best part of this build. Can you say sleeper?

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Jesse is currently a Senior at the University of Delaware and has been a car freak his entire life, probably due to his dad being a mechanic. If he's not at school or writing about cars, he's probably under the hood or behind the wheel of his '00 Corvette.
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