Video: Road &Track Pits Camaro ZL1 and Godzilla Head to Head

Captain America takes on the Beast from the Far East, as Road & Track tests the new Camaro ZL1 against the track proven Nissan GT-R around Indy Motorsports Ranch and the winding canyon roads of Arizona. Between these two cars, over 1,100 flywheel horsepower and over $150,000 of factory tuned performance technology were paired up in this video from YouTube. So how’d the ZL1 fair? Just about how you might expect.

The nice fella from Road and Track says in the video, “It’s very difficult to get the GT-R sideways, whereas the ZL1 will do it if you look at it funny. So on our track test, the ZL1 was a bit of a handful, and it definitely took a lot more effort to drive fast. But it was far more rewarding. The GT-R on the other hand, just understeered and drove like a video game: on throttle, off throttle, squeeze a paddle here squeeze a paddle there.”

That doesn’t sound too bad at all for the ol’ ZL1. However, the GT-R was 2.8 seconds faster around Indy Motorsports Ranch’s road course, but as Road and Track pointed out, for the extra $40,000 you’d have to spend on it, it had better be faster than the less expensive ZL1. In the end, even though the GT-R is more of a track monster, the Road & Track crew unanimously deemed the ZL1 to be the superior daily driver. That’s not a bad thing; let’s not forget that the ZL1 would be a 580 horsepower daily driver that can rip off high 11’s in the right hands. Yeah, we’ll take that kind of daily driver, and pocket that extra $40,000 we saved by not getting the GT-R.

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