As we reported yesterday, Chevy has been testing a 2012 Camaro Z/28 prototype in Germany – Today, we have video footage, once again courtesy of

In the video, we see the Z/28 being driven out of a gated facility onto public roads, with several passing shots from what we’re assuming are multiple cameramen, then a short sequence at the start of the ‘Ring, followed by an in-car shot of the Camaro returning to the Bat Cave. It’s the same car as we saw in yesterday’s stills, wearing Michigan tags and the nausea-inducing “dazzle” pattern camo, and while it’s cool to have this first-ever video of the Z/28, we’re almost more curious about the backstory behind the video itself.

Obviously, photographers have the route staked out, and the Z/28 is being driven more or less unescorted to and from the track. You’d think that if there was, ya know, actual testing going on that there would be evidence of a sizable engineering support staff in tow. Regardless of whether they’re bringing the car out specifically to tease the cameras, or just joyriding, we’re still happy to see the car out in the wild.