Video: Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS Shows Off Its Cool Folding Roof

Savage Rivale retractable telescopic multi panel roof system (RTMP) from Savage Rivale on Vimeo.

A about a month ago we showed you the renderings of the forthcoming LSX powered Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTR. The Dutch engineers at Savage Rivale designed the Roadyacht GTR as a dedicated track-toy, and the GTR is actually a stripped down, 2270 pound version of its big brother, the four-door convertible Roadyacht GTS.

We recently came across a post on AutoBlog showing a very cool animation of just how the Roadyacht GTS’s Retractable Telescoping Multi Panel Roof System (RTMP) works. The roof is sectioned into panels that twist and stack against the center “spine”, and the whole unit folds neatly down into the trunk. Savage Rivale says that they spent over a year developing the GTS’s RTMP with Inalfa Roof Systems, out of Auburn Hills, Michigan. Be sure to check out the video to see the RTMP in action.

On the performance side of things, the GTS gets its power from a boosted 6.2L V8 (very likely to be an LSX), that makes 670 brake-horsepower. Savage Rivale says that the GTS can hit 0-100 KMH in only 3.4 seconds (that’s 0-62 MPH in “American”), and can hurtle to a top speed of over 330 KMH (204 miles per hour). Adding to the cool factor and cruise-ability, the Roadyacht GTS also features suicide rear doors and a back seat for four passenger fun.

The GTS is currently in pre-production, and the fixed-roof GTR will debut April 19th at the Top Marques Supercar Show in Monaco. Expect pricing to start somewhere around $200,000.

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