WSC-750: Whiteside Customs’ 800 Plus HP Silver Frost CTS-V

Whiteside Customs’ WSC-750 is just one of 100 CTS-Vs that were painted matte Frost Silver from the factory. But that isn’t all that makes this car unique…

Luxurious, powerful, planted, and refined – those are all great words to describe the 2nd Gen Cadillac CTS-V.  But would you ever go as far as to call the car “unique”? If the car was a bone stocker, perhaps not so much. However, if the CTS-V in question is the WSC-750 from Whiteside Customs, then our answer to that question would be “absolutely”.

The WSC-750 had a head start on standing out above most other CTS-Vs before it even fell into the hands of the guys at Whiteside Customs. It is one of the rare collector edition 2013 CTS-Vs with the stunning matte Silver Frost paint job. Cadillac only produced 100 CTS-Vs in Silver Frost, and this particular car is number 93.

Even though the WSC-750 is named for it’s supposed 750 crank horsepower, the actual number is somewhere well over 800.

But that wasn’t enough. Whiteside dove right into the car and transformed it into an ultra-high performance machine that truly stands out from the crowd. Under the hood, the supercharged LSA has been outfitted with a custom grind cam and a set of ported heads from Texas Speed and Performance. Additional boost is provided from Lingenfelter pulleys, and a Lingenfelter cold air intake keeps the O2 flowing, while a KDI Innovations heat-exchanger cools off the charge. Kooks 1-7/8 inch headers, high flow cats, and a Corsa Touring exhaust system move the spend combustion on its way, while giving the CTS-V a throaty but refined exhaust note. Mike White from Whiteside Customs tells us, “While cruising it’s silent inside the cabin and still retains that Cadillac comfort. But if you’re on the outside, the music from the exhaust is amazing!”  

The guys from Whiteside call the car the WSC-750 because they estimated it would make around 750 horsepower at the crank. It turns out they were a bit too conservative. “The car dynoed at 675 RWHP, which would make this a 840 crank horsepower car,” says White. “So for grins we actually refer to this one as the WSC-825.”

The suspension was also updated with solid bushings from Whiteline, and set of high-rate lowering springs from Eibach. Adding to the WSC-750’s unique factor is a set of Forgeline RB3C wheels with titanium colored centers and brushed outers. These are special wheels because they are one of the first sets from their Concave line that Forgeline produced with a stepped-lip. The wheels are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport tires, in 265 and 305 widths.

The guys from Whiteside tore up North Carolina’s “Tail of the Dragon” US 129 in the WSC-750.

The guys from Whiteside debuted the WSC-750 on the 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour, and had an absolute blast showing off the Caddy’s capabilities. “The car was a huge hit,” says White. “We won the dyno challenge, came in top 10 in autocross, top 10 in drag racing and drove the car the whole time. No trailer for us. We even took the car up to the Tail of the Dragon and handling is superb!”

In case you are wondering – yes, the WSC-750 is for sale. The guys at Whiteside plan to build a total of 10 of these CTS-Vs, but this particular one will be the lone Frost White among the bunch. For more information on the WSC-750 or all the goods and services they offer for late model Caddys, give Whiteside Customs a call at 972-542-0255 or visit their website here.

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