To begin we ordered a 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51 coupe, equipped with the Z51 performance package, paddle-shifted eight-speed automatic, Magnetic Ride Control, and Performance Data Recorder. Our car was ordered in the 1LT trim level, which still has more than enough amenities for a nice sports car. The project name “C700” was chosen with our end power goal in mind, producing 700 horsepower.

Past the horsepower goal, we are going to equip our Stingray with the necessary parts and accessories to help us excel in the road racing, autocross, and drag racing arenas. Modifications will be selected and installed so that we may maintain the comfort, drivability, and reliability of the C7 Corvette… and of course improve upon the aesthetics. All the products that we will use are available to the public, and in addition to showing you our install processes, you will have the opportunity to see how the products look, perform on the dyno, and what those results look like on the track.

While we have set a fairly aggressive goal, we are confident that we should be able to achieve these goals through the help of some great sponsors who really know how to get the most out of America’s sports car. We will continue to update you as our build progresses, so stay tuned to watch the transformation.